The Other M

I partnered with fashion designer Marco Ferrari to create the branding for his new luxury handbag line and design a unique, online shopping experience that would help ‘The Other M’ stand out from the crowd.

I was tasked with designing a visual identity to be used on product, print and digital that needed to be modern but timeless for a new handbag company, The Other M. Additionaly I took care of the UX and UI design for a new ecommerce site for the brand to sell their unique products online.

Sleek, modern, sharp, timeless, clean – these were the key brand themes that the logo had to represent.

The identity design needed to be versatile and work perfectly across a range of different mediums as it was to be incorperated on the handbags, tags, buttons, marketing material, stationary and the website.

I worked closely with the partner through multiple versions from concepting to final lockup to make sure that we covered exactly what they were looking for. The final logo incorperated a double ‘M’ to mirror the intitials of the two co-founders and to be used as a brand symbol that was strong enough to stand alone.

The key aesthetic style for the website was to keep the interface stripped back and minimal to allow the product photography to catch the users eye. Using a clean grid-based layout created an even, geometic and open feel to the site whilst the extensive use of whitespace allowed the handbags personality to shine.

A unique part of the ecommerce experience was the fact that all of the products are extrememly limited edition. This meant we could play with some interesting user patterns like filtering the products by how scarce they are.

Branding a new business and giving it a personality through its website is very hard. Luckily we had Chris with us who helped us through the whole process with incredible ideas and he did an amazing job. Having him as a partner let us achieve exactly what we had in mind and then some. Great ideas, hard working, respectful of deadlines and with a very professional approach on the business, Chris is the creative person you definitely need if you want to thrive.

Marco Ferrari
Founder & CEO, The Other M
  • Details
  • Client: The Other M
  • Team: Freelance
  • Year: 2016
  • Primary Roles
  • Identity Design
  • UI Design
  • Art Direction
  • Project Type
  • Branding
  • Ecommerce
  • Fashion
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