Creating custom apparel in small runs was a costly, clunky and hard to manage process. Alex, an entrepreneur with an idea, approached my team at Neverbland to help him fix it. Together, we created Everpress.

UX and UI design for a new fashion start-up that allows you to crowdfund and create hassle-free, beautiful merchandise.

Site mapping and simple wireframes were used as tools to help define the primary flow of users with a focus on key navigation points and major call to actions. Starting with low fidelity wireframes allowed us to very quickly build up essential journeys into clickable, annotated prototypes to test their viability.

Frequent, internal feedback sessions allowed us to adapt quickly and continually drive the product in the right direction. These doubled up as heuristic testing opportunities as we ran through mock-ups and basic prototypes – adapting the flow as needed. Tight collaboration with our development team allowed for quick decisions on essential features.

Creating a minimal style allowed for the artwork from the apparel designs themselves to shine though.

After researching competitor products, it was clear that the majority of rivals in the sector were aiming their sights at a broader market than we originally envisioned for Everpress. Their visual designs seemed to try and cater for any demographic.

With Everpress, my objective was to tighten that aim to appeal to millennials and younger audiences with an eye for contemporary design standards. After moodboarding and exploring multiple visual concepts, I developed the feel of Everpress to be minimal, yet bold in the right areas. I used a largely light and greyscale colour palette with strong blocks of dark grey and highlights of green to focus attention on key CTAs.

An essential part of the product was to allow users to express their creativity when designing their campaign and giving them the tools they needed to align the look and feel with their own brand without over complicating the interface.

Finding the right balance of how much customisation we offered the user was a challenging task. We wanted to allow them to give the page their own spin to match their brand, however if we gave too many options such as applying a background image, the aesthetic quality of the page could very quickly decline. Through testing, we eventually found a middle ground that kept to the design standards of the platform whilst appealing to the users.

“Chris and the team at Neverbland have been amazing to partner with — responsive, professional, adaptable and smart. They completely understood our objectives from day 1 and have designed and built a very complex platform which we’re extremely proud of. Each problem that was presented was resolved quickly and efficiently.”

Alex Econs
Founder & CEO, Everpress
  • Details
  • Client: Everpress
  • Team: Neverbland
  • Year: 2015
  • Primary Roles
  • UX/UI Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Animation
  • Project Type
  • Mobile App
  • Brand
  • Ecommerce
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